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The beaches in Vieques are always in demand as well as positioned among the best in the Caribbean. You might read this in numerous other places and their travel escorts. Please give us a little time to tell you the reason why the beaches are the best in Vieques.

Isla de Vieques, where you can try beaches in the Caribbean with raw scenery, landscaped by nature only. The beach is special, with sand differing from clean while to sparkling soft black. Isla de Vieques is the island where you can spend time with your dear ones. Check out the 15 best beaches in Vieques.

Amazing Beaches Of Vieques- One Of The Islands Of Puerto Rico

  • Playa Caracas
  • Playa La Chiva
  • Playa Grande
  • Playa Escondida
  • Playa La Plata
  • Pata Prieta Beach
  • Playa Negra
  • Sun Bay Beach
  • Cofi Beach
  • Punta Arenas Beach
  • Playa El Gallito
  • Navio Beach
  • Esperanza Beach
  • Media Luna Beach
  • Playuela

1. Playa Caracas

It is one of the most popular beaches out of the 15 best beaches in Vieques. The beautiful beach is situated inside the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. This beach owns gazebos. However, there are not any bathrooms or showers. In the time of spring and hot days, the waves are good and soft here. The place is perfect for family outings and for watersports.
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2. Playa La Chiva

La Chiva, even known as Blue Beach, features flat calm waters almost all months of the year. Playa La Chiva is famous for snorkeling, mostly around the cay as well as the rocky side. It is not as crowded as Caracas. The blue beach is a big beach with numerous access points, great to cool down while encircled by spectacular scenery.

3. Playa Grande

The Playa Grande beach is the best beach for hiking, photography, as well as activities like sunbathing apart from swimming or snorkeling. Playa Grande is a place of residence with big rocks, wild waves, as well as sand loaded with shells. The morning will be amazing on such a lonely landscape as well as getting the feet soaked on the shore.

4. Playa Escondida

The Escondido beach on Playa Escondida or also known as the hidden beach. Call it what you may like. It is the most amazing beach among the 15 best beaches in Vieques. The beach is the most famous for observing the natural surroundings.

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5. Playa La Plata

Plata interprets Silver, as the best name for this beach with shining glowing white sand. The amazing transparent water glitters and the sand is freaking soft. The location is super for spending holidays since it is a secluded place. The reason behind this is that not many visitors drive to the most distant east of the beach.

Every time we visit, we share the beach with one of two couples, Playa Plata is one of the best beaches for couples.

6. Pata Prieta Beach

It is a small beach with transparent shallow water, a good beach for starter swimmers. We frequently spot manta rays, as well as the sea fan gardens, which are very beautiful. The water is amazing with differing jeweled shades from blue to deep blues, altered with the sun in the cold weather.

The scenery feels the best. The beach is tiny with thick green bushes around it. There are few spots with colors so get them earlier to spot them.

7. Playa Negra

It is one of the interesting places to visit in Vieques. The exploit begins on a small lush trail leading to a spectacular photosque image. No need to travel far to Hawaii to see black sand.

It is the most fantastic beach for sports activity in the world. When you visit Plata Negrita you will see a track down of black that seems like a work of art on the sand.

Stay for a walk to the right as well as the close attention of black sand gets higher and more striking. Bright with the camera, the landscape is so great. You will search amazingly curated places of wood, rock cliffs, and desert-like bushes. Currently, Victoria’s Secret swim special as well as Playa Negra was one of the areas.

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8. Sun Bay Beach

It is one of the best balnearios in Puerto Rico and a favorite among local families as well as travelers alike for its ideas as well as travelers for simple operation. The beach offers picnic tables, and camp plains as well as numerous palm trees to climb a canvas.

9. Cofi Beach

It is one more amazing beach in Vieques. However, it has the appeal of meaningful boats of fisherman, a historic jetty attracting divers as well as swimming and local kids who love to jump longer until sunset. It is a pleasure to collect sea glass even.

If we check east of the beach, one can enjoy views of Faro Punta Mulas along with the arrival of the ferry to Isabel Segunda.  Moreover, if we check west, enjoy the looks of the real island of Puerto Rico as well as the north coast of Vieques.

10. Punta Arenas Beach

In the past decade, Punta Arenas was nicknamed ‘Green Beach’ as it looks very green. You can drive along a dirt series with lush very hot flora growing wild as well as free. Punta Arenas gives amazing swimming with great hidden historic treasures to search around. We recommended a jeep to take a drive, get here early in the morning for the best situations.

It can give you a remote place feeling on the island of Vieques. Punta Arenas, earlier known as ‘Green Beach’ runs down the east side of Vieques. This beach is a snippet of the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. It even served the best scenic views of the main island of Puerto Rico.

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11. Esperanza Beach

Just one more beautiful beach in Vieques. However, the added charms of colorful fisherman boats. A historic pier getting divers, swimmers, and for kids. It is a breathtaking sight as well as a good initiating point for a long walk all the way to Playa Negra.

Playa Grande as well as the walkthrough nearby beaches best captions, “the Caribbean the way nature intended it to be.” rocks give seats with strong views of the endless blue edge, and the pelicans gliding with the breeze.

12. Playuela

It is one of the best balnearios in Puerto Rico, a favorite among Puerto Rico. It is the best among local families as well as visitors.

The beach offers picnic tables, and campgrounds as well as plenty of palm trees to hang a hammock.

13. Media Luna Beach

It is the best half-moon-shaped beach, with shallow water and great for kids to visit. It is an amazing and the best favorite beach for families, too. One can walk even in shallow water about 40 to 50 feet with schools of small tropical fish around your feet.

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14. Playa El Gallito

This beach is a tiny beach between two rocky points. You can search for sea glass over this beach. Swimming on the point to the right is the perfect activity to seek. One of the best things about this beach is just sitting around as well as chilling with pals. The Road is very close. However, it has no collision on your holidays, as the sound of the waves creates a peaceful day.

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15. Navio Beach

It is the best one for surfing, gives your boogie boards for amazing activities on the waves of Navio beach. The beach is tremendously famous for the hidden caves situated there. The uniqueness is in the gentle bubbly playful ocean waves.

The beach is covered by cliffs at every end, with a lush line of sesa grape plants, palm trees, as well as native plants. Visitors love to jump over the rocks. Never leave your kids ignored.

This beach can be reached via the main entrance of Sun Bay followed by the road to the left once you enter Sun Bay. During the rainy season, the road to Navio can not be used.

What To Pack For Beaches In Vieques

You must take shorts, T-shirts, and Sandals 99% of the time, day and night. You might need to take a pair of long pants as well as one long-sleeved shirt just if you need one for the evenings.

There should not be any smart clothes. You should not bother to bring any fancy jewelry. Towels and bed linens will be given. So, you do not need such things.

Things To Do In Vieques

The island paradise is home to the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, regarded as one of the most ecologically diverse refugees in the Caribbean. Each different beach is an amazing thing to explore. Exploring the beaches will be fun as both black and white grains of sand are there.

One can reach la Isla Nena by air or by sea. You can board a small plane at the SJU, Ceiba, or Isla Grande airports for approx half an hour. Tickets are between $80 to $180 per trip. A ferry ride must go to the town of Ceiba, which is about 40 minutes from SJU airport.

Mosquito Bay

It is indeed an unreal vision when you go to the bioluminescent bay, known by the Guinness Book of World Records as the shining in the world because of the high concentration of microorganisms like dinoflagellates.

Such organisms react by flashing a blue-green light when they go into the water of Mosquito Bay about 1,000,000 to 2,100,000 of such insects per gallon of water. The lack of light pollution in the area means that a ride in a clear kayak on a new moon night is a magnificent natural display.

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Fortin Conde de Mirasol

The last tiny fort was built by the Spaniards in the US, sitting on a hill with an amazing view of the city of Isabel Segunda. In the place, one can search for an art and history museum with Caribbean artifacts, information about the sugarcane industry, history notes, and more.

There are some significant shows for the folk of Vieques’ combat, the United States Navy, which had control over the island for years. Admission to the museum is free of cost. However, a kind donation is every time happy to have. Fortin Conde de Mirasol opens from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Best Things About Beaches In Vieques

1. The Spanish Virgin Islands

2. Secluded Coves

3. Glistening white sand

4. Private piece of paradise

5. Best for bumpy drive and short walks

6. Beautiful curved beach

Top 10 Hotels Near Beaches In Vieques

1. Casa de Tortuga Guesthouse

2. Blue Horizon Boutique Resort

3. El Blok

4. Bravo Beach Hotel

5. Esperanza Inn

6. Flamboyan Guest House

7. The Wave Hotel

8. Great Escape and Breakfast

9. Lazy Hostel

10. The Vieques Guesthouse

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the fun activities to do in the Vieques?

To enjoy a slice of urban chic at the end of the laid-back Esperanza strip, visit the rooftop bar at EL Blok. The island’s pleasure watering corner. The contemporary architecture, stylish decor as well as creative cocktails make sunsets possible that much more breathtaking.

Q2. Why is Vieques famous?

Vieques is perfectly known internationally as the site of a series of protests opposite the United States Navy’s use of the island as bombing criteria as well as a testing ground. It led to the Navy’s departure in 2003.

Q3. What language is spoken in Vieques?

While Spanish is the primary language, English is highly spoken. Getting to Vieques is simple, as well as Americans do not require a passport. Flights to the island’s regional airport depart from San Juan, Ceiba, Isla Grande as well as Culebra in Puerto Rico, as well as from neighboring islands such as St.

Q4. Are there mosquitoes in Vieques?

The danger of mosquito tasks is high in the Vieques. Wear long-sleeved shirts as well as trousers when spending time outdoors to be saved from bites.

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