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An underwater villa is a luxurious two-storied hotel. You can see one above the sea and the other deep in the water. Underwater villas are underwater suites that include king-size bedrooms for guests with ultra-modern bathrooms, dining space, kitchen area, living area, in-house restaurants, and ceiling-to-floor strong glass walls. Also, it offers a spiral staircase that goes to the living room on the ocean level.

Staying in an underwater villa will give you a heaven-like experience. Imagine walking amid the ocean with your partner while the fishes swimming around you. In an underwater villa, you will see the excellent touch of technology and modern designs.

These spectacular underwater resorts offer a reframing journey that can truly amaze the explorers. Do not fear staying in an underwater villa as they are equipped with all means of support. Just be amused by the infinity of the ocean beneath you.

Best Underwater Villas Around The World That You Never Want To Miss

If you have read the novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne, you will know what it feels like to stay in an underwater villa. Underwater villas are just like an aquarium, but for humans.

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Now, many underwater resorts are not fully developed yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the best hotel to spend your vacation in. here are the 5 best underwater resorts around the world.

Name Price Specification Address
Conrad Hotels and Resort From $9,999 for one night Accommodations on two different islands, bedrooms with air conditions, internet access, seating areas, dining rooms, and 180-degree panoramic views of the sea. Rangali Island, Maldives


Atlantis, The Palm From $4191 for one night General to deluxe rooms, mini bar, walk-in showers, a single king or two queens, free internet, and rooms for 4 persons. Crescent Road, Dubai (+9-71-44-26-20-00)
Manta Resort From $1800 for one night A five-star hotel with a top deck for stargazing or sunbathing and a water deck for lounging or dining. Psv-zanzibar, Pemba Island, Tanzania (+25-57-76-71-88-52)
Resorts World Sentosa From $2,600 for one night Made with multiple hotels, restaurants, and activities, deluxe rooms with an outdoor patio and a whirlpool. 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore (+65-65-77-88-88)
Utter Inn From $3,800 for one night A floating underwater villa, with specially decorated bedrooms in meters deep in the sea and a 180-degree panoramic view of the sea. Kopparbergsvagen 1, Vasteras, Sweden (+46-21-39-01-00)


Conrad Hotels And Resort

What makes this resort different from other villas is its accommodation on two different islands. All accommodations contain ultra-modern amenities like bedrooms with air conditioning, night lights, satellite TVs, duvet covers, high-speed internet, minibars, coffee makers, and more.

You can also have ceiling-to-floor glass windows and private hosts. It is the first-ever underwater villa in the world.

Another exciting feature you can have here is its in-house restaurant, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. Enjoy delicious European dishes with a 180-degree panoramic view of the sea.

You can also enjoy here the water sports center, open-air cinema, a fitness center, spa services, and three boutiques. Pricing starts from $9,999. But it will increase on what type of accommodation you choose. The best time to visit this resort is from April to November.

Atlantis, The Palm

This opulent underwater villa in Dubai includes Deluxe rooms with luxurious bathrooms, private balconies, walk-in showers, 24 hours room services, a single king or two queens, and much more.

Activities that the resorts offer include accessing the kid’s club, uninterrupted views of the Arabian sea, enjoying delicious dishes in 23 different in-house restaurants, spa services, a cozy dining atmosphere, Poseidon Café, and so many multiple things. You can experience here world’s award-winning seafood as well.

All restaurants are located underwater and there you can have excellent views of the Ambassador Lagoon. Visit this place from the months of June to September.

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Manta Resort

Manta Resort is one of the points of pride in Tanzania. You will see fewer underwater resorts that are similar to Manta Underwater Resort. This five-star hotel is made on a floating island.

Amenities you can have here include bedrooms located 4 meters deep under the sea, a top deck for stargazing and sunbathing, a water deck for lounging and dining, and more.

Basic amenities you can have here are large comfortable beds, spacious washrooms, sun terraces, minibars, balconies with decorated gardens, and more.

Exciting packages include water safari, honeymoon tours, Pemba Explorer, and more. you will also have a Beach Lounge and multiple relaxing restaurants. April to September is the best time to go there.

Resorts World Sentosa

In World Sentosa, Singapore, you will experience a heaven-like feeling sitting calmly in cozy restaurants surrounded by the deep blue sea in one single location. The deluxe rooms come with outdoor patios and a whirlpool on the upper level. Also, you will experience marine life while sitting in your underwater private suites.

What makes this hotel stand out from other resorts is its suites. They are located near the aquariums in the world. These aquariums are full of more than 40,500 marine fish.

Have your butler service, ferry service, and exciting submarine rides to the S.A.E Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark. Enjoy 24 hours room service, dry cleaning, laundry, and gym services in World Sentosa. Spend vacations there from the months of July to October.

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Utter Inn

It is an underwater floating resort developed by a local architect, Mikael Genberg. Get to Utter Inn by a speedboat from Vasteras harbor.

This hotel provides a deck of 25 square meters and simple access to a dinghy that is located near some lonely island. The real attraction of this resort is its bedrooms as they are 3 meters deep in the water and offer a 180-degree view of the sea.

At sea level, there are modern kitchens full of crockery, large refrigerators, 12 liters of fresh drinking water, and a dry washroom.  However, the only drawback of this inn is that it does have electricity. But you will enjoy the portable lights and gas heaters. April to October is the opening season of this underwater villa.

How Deep Are The Underwater Villas?

Just like the overwater bungalows, all rules and regulations are properly maintained while making the underwater villas. Architects and engineers studied and researched marine life, the environment below the sea, and of course, the flow of the high and low tides.

According to all that studies, underwater villas are generally 2 meters deep on high tide and 2 meters deep on low tide. In the Maldives, underwater resorts are at least 16 feet deep below the sea.

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Difference Between The Underwater Villa And Overwater Villa

The basic difference between these two villas lies in their locations. Underwater villas are built under the sea and overwater villas are made at sea level. While underwater villas offer visitors to experience marine life directly, overwater resorts offer the extreme natural beauty of the surroundings.

Another difference you notice between these two residents is in their structures. Overwater villas are made of thatched roofs and wooden walls with a glass floor through which you can enjoy the blue water below. underwater villas have strong glass walls surrounded by deep blue water through which you will experience the marine organisms directly.

Finally, the difference lies in their price. The cost of underwater villas is extremely high. While overwater bungalows charge $500 to $1800 for each night, you have to spend at least $50,000 to spend one night in an underwater villa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to stay in an underwater villa?

Many regions around the world including Dubai, Maldives, Singapore, and others offer their visitors stay in an underwater villa. In Dubai, if you want to stay in an underwater villa, you will have to bear the cost of at least $7000 per night. According to many visitors, this price is quite affordable.

However, an underwater villa in tropical countries can charge you at least $50,000 for one night. In underwater villas like Atlantis, Jules Verne, and more, you will have to spend an average of $250- $670 for each person staying for one night.

Q. How much does it cost to stay at The Muraka?

If you want to stay in an underwater villa in Muraka, you will have to spend the cost of at least $50,000 for staying one night there. This price does include taxes. You can have the underwater villa with three king-size bedrooms, a kitchen, dining space, living room, two luxurious bathrooms, and a private deck with a private infinity pool.

If you want to book a seven-night stay in an underwater villa in Muraka, it will cost around $3,27,400 for one person. You will have the experience of private jet skis, a private butler, a private chef, your fitness trainer, and multiple exciting amenities offered by the villa itself.

Q. How much does it cost to stay at an underwater hotel?

You see, different underwater villas offer different costs and package according to the services they provide to their guests or visitors. However, in case you are planning to spend your vacation in a luxurious underwater villa, please keep in mind that you will have to bear an average of $50,000 for staying there for one night.

This average price is almost the same for the underwater villas in multiple regions. Now, if you check the prices of underwater villas in Dubai or the Maldives, the average price starts from 300 dollars and it can increase up to 25,000 dollars for staying there in one single night. This also depends on the season in which you are visiting the villa.

Q. Where is the underwater villa?

Underwater villas are located in multiple coastal regions around the world. Here are the locations of the best underwater villas for you.

  • Conrad Hotels and Resort- in the Maldives
  • Atlantis The Palm- in Dubai
  • Manta Resort- in Tanzania
  • World Sentosa- in Singapore
  • Radisson Blu- in Berlin
  • Utter Inn- in Sweden
  • InterContinental Wonderland- in Shanghai, China

Q. Is a water villa worth it in the Maldives?

Staying in an underwater villa in the Maldives is worth it. you will be able to enjoy a lifetime experience in the underwater villas in the Maldives. Guests are provided with a king-size bedroom and attached luxurious bathroom, ceiling-to-floor strong glass walls, a dining area, a living area, a private infinity pool on a private deck, and multiple exciting activities.

So, you will be able to enjoy the actual marine life under the deep blue Indian Ocean in the Maldives. Here the pricing and packages start from $9,999 for one night.

Q. How much is the Maldives underwater hotel?

The luxurious underwater hotels, located under the Indian Ocean are perfect places for spending a dream vacation. You need to be ready to spend $50,000 for staying there for one night.

However, underwater resorts in the Maldives like Conrad Rangali Island Resort do not have any package for one night. Guests have to spend a minimum of 4 nights in that resort and they have to bear the cost of $200,000 for that.

Underwater Villas, My Opinion

Excited to visit an underwater villa? Plan as soon as possible as these villas are booked even 1 to 1.5 years before. Obviously, they are always in high demand. Also, make your plans according to the cost of these villas. Enjoy your vacation. Good Luck!

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