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Do you want to make your holiday to be memorable throughout your life? Then water bungalows Mexico is the perfect choice for your need. It can serve as an amazing travel destination.

The breeze that blows occasionally in the tropical weather with the waves of the sea all around, isn’t it something you have craved for your entire life? So let us plunge deep into the world of overwater bungalows of Mexico.

Overwater Bungalows Mexico

The experience of the overwater bungalows in Mexico is really a blissful experience. We know you had it on your bucket list for a long time. Now, the time has come to tick that option off which states vacation in a plush bungalow situated in the midst of the vast waters of the ocean in Mexico.

There are a number of resorts that do possess overwater bungalows. All you are required to do is find the Overwater bungalow in Mexico that is most suitable for your need. For that, you need to know the different facets of the overwater bungalows in Mexico.

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Overwater Bungalows Mexico All Inclusive

Mexico is a very popular tourist destination that is revered by tourists from all over the world. Most of the resorts that have overwater bungalows are situated in the periphery of Cancan and Mayan Riviera.

Are you worried about finding all-inclusive information about overwater bungalows in Mexico? Then you must not worry as we are here to provide you with all the necessary information.

The El Dorado Maroma is an overwater bungalow and resort that is exclusively for adults. It is one of the firsts of its kind. It is situated in the Riviera Maya. The overwater living chambers are located in Maroma beach. This beach named Maroma is said to be Travel Channels one of the top 10 beaches of the world.

Overwater bungalow in Mexico
Overwater bungalow in Mexico

This overwater bungalow is one of the distinctive, magnificent, and well-built structures in the Bungalow domain that is found in the entire world. It is a perfect destination to spend some quality time with your loved ones or in solitude in the midst of the vast waters of the ocean and discovering nature at its best.

Here we have been instrumental in gathering and listing some of the features of this overwater bungalow located in Mexico and named The El Dorado Maroma. You are free to follow the list given below to know more about overwater bungalows Mexico all-inclusive.

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  • It is a luxurious endeavour to celebrate special days like birthdays, anniversaries and other important events of life with your loved one or to seek solitude.
  • It provides one of the finest hospitalities among the host of overwater bungalows that are situated in the different parts of this entire world.
  • Each suite comes with a glass bottom window.
  • Each suite features a private infinity pool.
  • Each suite has an indoor Jacuzzi tub.
  • You can access the vast waters of the ocean in a direct way through the ladder that comes with each suite.
  • An oversized deck with round chairs is also being provided with each room.
  • You would be provided a red carpet treatment which ensures room service that can extend up to 24 hours, customized beach picnic, assistance with packing and unpacking and many other such stuffs.
  • You can access the private dinning room which comes with a glass floor or the regular restaurants.
  • You can engage yourself in different type of activities like yoga, spa, football, volleyball and others.

These were some of the information regarding overwater bungalows Mexico inclusive which you might find useful.

Mexico Island Resorts

There are a number of Mexico island resorts. Among them, we have listed a few of our choice and those are some of the best of their kind to present to you. You can have a look at them before you venture out to experience the serenity of nature in the water bungalows Mexico.

EspenrenzaAuberg Resort collection- This resort is perfect for the one who labels oneself as a human being who is a friend of ecology and conservation of the nature. This resort has tried their level best to blend the natural surroundings within the atmosphere of the place. This is a five-star beach front resort. It comes with a large infinity pool plus tub.

One and only Pamilla- The one and only Pamilla is located near the Acapulquito beach on the Baza peninsula. It has large porticos, terraces and plunge pools. They do offer personal buttler, kayaks and surfboards on the beach.They serve delicious meals in both dining and in suite experiences. This resort also has surf school and a well-equipped fitness centre.

Overwater Bungalows Cancun

Cancun is a largely popular tourist destination. It has many top-class resorts. Three resorts are present in Cancun which has overwater bungalows. Staying in Overwater Bungalows Cancun is an experience that you would be treasuring till the day you live. Here is some information about those bungalows that are being located around Cancun.

RosewodMayakoba is a five-star overwater bungalow in Cancun. It has high quality accommodation and facilities. They overlook a lagoon in the place of the vast ocean. The bungalows are reserved for adults whereas the resorts are family friendly. They also provide free wifi.

Banyan tree Mayakoba is one of the newest overwater bungalows in Mexico. It has received a number of good reviews for its eco friendly arrangements. Its services and food are exquisite and delicious.

Karisma Overwater Bungalows

The Karisma overwater bungalows are hugely popular among the masses. They have a number of resources and aims to provide the tourists with a number of facilities. Some of the facilities are listed by us for you so that you do not face any sort of difficulties while you are traveling.

water bungalows Mexico.
water bungalows Mexico.
  • It is very safe and secure
  • It has business centre and banquet
  • It has the facility of bar, restaurant, coffee shop and barbeque.
  • It has a tennis court that is welcoming you to play
  • All the rooms of this overwater bungalow have air conditioner
  • They have a continental buffet.
  • It has excursions like Scooba driving sessions.
  • It does offer a number of delectable flavours and cuisines like the Mexican cuisines, Peruvian cuisines.
  • It has a number of packages ranging from South Asian Wedding package to Vow renewal package.
  • It is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Costa Rica Overwater Bungalows

In Central America, Costa Rica being the popular tourist destination is visited by tourists from all over the world. Costa Rica is devoid of overwater bungalows but it has a number of resorts that are situated near to the sea and some overwater bungalow that is close to Costa Rica. Some of them have been brought out for you. 

You can have a look at them from the list that has been given below. Nayara tented camp- You can experience the authentic Costa Rica with Nayara tented camp. It is a sort of adventure that takes your company back to nature.

It has luxury tents. It is eco friendly and believes in sustaining the environment for the future generations. You can get the taste of local fruits and cuisine through them.

Casa Aria- Casa Aria is located near Saint Teresa beach of Costa Rica. It provides some best taking views. It has luxurious room. It provides incredible service.

Casa Miliya- Casa Miliya is itself situated in the Saint Teresa Beach. It is one of the appropriate places to spend your vacation in the laps of Mother nature. It has 4 master bedrooms. It also provides you to enjoy barbequed dishes while enjoying in the sea beach.

El Silencio river suite- The El Silencio River suite is being located at a distance of two hours from the international airport of San Jose. It is a beautiful overwater resort. It comes with king bed and fireplace. It also provides you with the opportunity to indulge in open air jacuzzi.


Are there overwater bungalows in Mexico?

Answer- Yes, there are many overwater bungalows in Mexico that are perfectly fit for spending your vacation.

What resorts have bungalows over the water?

Answer- The bungalows that are situated over water serves to be the ideal overwater bungalow in Mexico.

How much are overwater bungalows in Mexico?

Answer- The price of rent of overwater bungalows that are located in the city of Mexico varies in their rent. Different resorts and overwater bungalows have differences in their price ranges. But the most common price range is from $446 USD to $1,400 USD.

overwater bungalows of Mexico
overwater bungalows of Mexico

Is there bungalows in Cancun?

Answer- Yes, there are bungalows in Cancun.

Is there any discount available over the rent of the overwater bungalow that are located in the city of Mexico?

Answer- Yes, the overwater bungalows in Mexico in lieu of their rent comes with a number of discounts that range from 15% in the general season and 50% in the off-season.

Is an overwater bungalow worth it?

Answer- Yes, definitely. It is a very unique setup and is perfect for your vacation.

Final Words

As we have already specified above Mexico has a number of overwater bungalows. They are very beautiful and serene. They provide us with the exquisite beauty of nature.

So if you are a lover of nature, do not wait anymore and book your tickets and accommodation for these magnificent resorts and overwater bungalows that are located in the city of Mexica amidst the vast waters of the ocean and river.

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