Stress-Free Travelling with Kids and (Possibly) Having More Fun



Travelling is an adventure that many people cherish. It becomes even more so when you have kids travelling with you. That is if you know how to make it more fun without too much stress. But, of course, it is a daunting prospect because kids can be quite unpredictable.

So how do you survive travelling with your kids?


Keeping your stress level low while travelling

Your family has grown bigger, but your love for travelling is still there. But now, you have to bring your kids along, which could be stressful. Knowing what to do ahead of time can make things easier and make your family travel more worry-free. Learn some essential tips for travelling with kids right here.


  1. Give yourself time to plan

Planning means you schedule your flight according to your child’s age and temperament. Also, make a list of things you need before you leave your house. For example, you know that children can be cranky when hungry. So, ensure that you have their favourite snacks on hand. Avoid buying snacks from the airport because it could take time, or your kids could not find anything they like. Aside from their snacks, pack at least two toiletry kits – one for your carry-on bags and one for your check-in bag. You could also give one each to your older children.


  1. Pack only what is necessary

Make it a rule for your children to bring only the toys and snacks that can fit into their backpacks. Train them to carry their backpack or wheel their suitcases. If they know they are responsible for their luggage, they will not try to bring anything they fancy that will make their luggage heavy.


  1. Check your children’s passports (and yours)

Remember that your passport should still be valid for six months when planning an international trip. Children’s passports have shorter validity, so ensure their passports remain valid during your trip. You might need to cancel or postpone your travel plans if your children’s passports are about to expire. It will take a month to renew passports.


  1. Travel light 

You do not need to bring too many clothes even if you travel with kids. Bring the essentials, such as a jacket and a set of formal clothes. It is cheaper to buy clothes when you get to your destination. You do not have to lug too many suitcases and bags if you travel light. However, you should have all your children’s medications in your carry-on, including original prescriptions. Always have a pack or two of baby wipes in your carry-on bags for emergencies. Likewise, have an extra set of clothes in your carry-on for yourself and your kids so that you can change clothes if something happens.


  1. Travel ID bracelet

Children can do unexpected things when they get bored. It is easy for children to get lost in airports. For their safety, have them wear a travel ID bracelet with contact information, medical details, and more.

Knowing what to expect and planning your trip can help you reduce the stress other parents feel when they travel with children.f



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