5 Best Places To Visit In Vermont In Winter



Hey there! The winter is here! And Best Places To Visit In Vermont In Winter means the start of the festive season!

So what have you planned to do in this festive season apart from shopping, eating outs, and other things?

If you are planning to go for a trip, then I have a handful of suggestions for especially you!

There are a lot of places to visit in winter. But one of the most beautiful as well as pocket-friendly places is obviously Vermont!

Vermont, a sweet place surrounded by breathtakingly picturesque landscapes, numerous scenic places, and exceptionally tasty food. If you love nature, then Vermont must be on your travel list.

The colorful sky, the green trees, and the green fields will definitely soothe both your mind and body!

Here in this article, I’ll take you on a tour to Vermont, giving you the names of the best places to visit in Vermont in winter.

So, let’s begin the journey!

Best Places To Visit In Vermont In Winter

Best Places To Visit In Vermont In Winter
Best Places To Visit In Vermont In Winter

Vermont will easily beat all the other New England states when it comes to the natural beauty of winter. All the towns decorate themselves for the festive season.

The snowy horizon mountains will call you with all their mesmerizing beauty and you will feel an urge to be lost in those white snowy mountain lands.

As time will fly, you will feel the magical attraction of this part of the world called Vermont!

There are 5 places in Vermont you will repent if you miss visiting them.

I’ll tell you about those 5 best cities to visit in Vermont one by one, give you a brief idea of things to do in Vermont in winter, and will try to take you on a tour of each of them through my words.


Best Places To Visit In Vermont In Winter

Woodstock is the queen of Vermont in New England and perhaps the best among the Vermont winter getaways.

Many travel sites call it one of the most beautiful places in America. The Nordic skiing and snowshoeing in the Woodstock Nordic Center is something you must try.

If you are an indoor person, still there are way more things Vermont has in its bag to offer you.

You can visit the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, Vermont Institute of Natural Science, or simply can enjoy an outstanding meal at any of the local restaurants located in downtown Woodstock.

A few exciting winter events take place in Woodstock every year at the time of winter.

In Wassail Weekend every December, the locals, as well as the visitors, enjoy the beauty of the historic homes. They decorate the homes for the festive season.

Twinkling lights, sleigh rides, and lot more events are waiting for you in Woodstock at this time of the festive season.

The Mad River Valley

Best Places To Visit In Vermont In Winter
The Mad River Valley

If I have to choose another place in Vermont to spend my holiday, I would like to choose the Mad River Valley. And I know that this one probably will be the best choice of my traveler’s life.

The main attraction of this place is the 42 miles’ driving tour through the covered bridges. This tour covers 7 classic covered bridges of New England.

On the road, you will get a chance to taste all the delicious food and experience the outstanding scenic beauty.

You can have fun in the glass blowing class at the Salt and Sand Studios at the Mad River Valley. You can explore the trails in the Blueberry Lake Cross-Country Ski Center.

Or you can visit the Skatium, which is an outdoor ice skating rink.

And never forget to visit the Ben & Jerry’s factory and taste their mouthwatering ice creams.

There are a lot of places to visit in the Mad River Valley like Mount Ellen, the Ski areas, Lincoln Peak. You can visit all the places by the Mad Bus.


Best Places To Visit In Vermont In Winter

Maximum winter visitors of Vermont choose Stowe over all the other places, and there are various reasons for that!

Stowe offers lots of skiing and riding sports, and that’s why this place along with the surrounding area makes Vermont the Winter Playground of America.

Let me tell you an interesting fact! Vermont has the most number of breweries per capita in the US.

But do you know that Stowe has the best one of them? Its name is The Alchemist. If you want to visit any one brewery in Stowe, make sure it is The Alchemist.

But there are a lot apart from breweries in Stowe.

Do you like fat biking or snowmobiling? Then Stowe is the right place for you! And if you want to experience a glimpse of Santa’s life, you can take a ride of the dog sleds.


Best Places To Visit In Vermont In Winter

Burlington is the only place what you call a proper city in Vermont.

You will feel the magic of winter in the unique shop’s cafes, and restaurants decorated with twinkling lights lined up beside the pedestrian road in Burlington’s Church Street Marketplace.

The super-talented street performers never stop their performance at any time of the year.

There is a museum named Shelburne Museum in Burlington. If you love American folk art, love the artifacts which tell stories of old Vermont, then this museum must be on your list.

Archives bar is the next place you should not miss in Burlington. Enjoy the vintage arcade games like Mortal Kombat, Ms. Pac-Man, the Simpsons, and more along with those lovely cocktails.

And last but not the least, Lake Champlain is a place you must not miss out on if you visit Burlington in Vermont.

In winter, the water of the lake freezes, and after that, walking on the frozen water is an amazing experience!


Best Places To Visit In Vermont In Winter

If you are in Vermont, you should not miss the small-town heaven Manchester.

Manchester Vermont is full of outstanding restaurants and shops along with 3 ski resorts.

One thing I must have to add to Manchester’s must-visit list, and is the Ye Old Tavern restaurant. This is a more than 300 years old restaurant (yes! You read it right!), which was first opened in the year 1709.

Then its name was Stagecoach Inn. Perhaps, here you will get the best food in America! Every single meal is delicious here!

There are a lot of snow sports areas like Bromley, Magic Mountain, and Stratton. Just take a 45-minute drive from Manchester and you will reach there.

One of the last three remaining stovepipe hats of America’s legendary president Abraham Lincoln is there at Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home here in Manchester.

Manchester is a place full of historical belongings and architecture. Make sure you visit all of them if you are a man of history.

Does It Snow In Vermont

Best Places To Visit In Vermont In Winter
Does It Snow In Vermont

Winter generally starts in late November in Vermont. Though you can see the snow falling even from the time of Halloween! The snow lasts here till late March, and sometimes it even lasts till early April.

Things To Do With Kids In Vermont

If you are searching for things to do with kids in Vermont, or things to do in a winter vacation in Vermont for families, you can check out the list I have given below.

Outdoor Mountain Biking Class In Stowe

Bike rides are something you want your child to experience in Stowe. If your kid is a teenager, then this bike ride is designed for your kid only.

But if your kid is even younger, still you won’t have to worry! The arrangers have bikes for them too!

Pump House Indoor Waterpark In Jay

Your kid will surely enjoy the water rides at Pump House Indoor Waterpark. It has wild slides, extreme flow riding, and a big play area.

If you feel hungry while enjoying the exciting rides, the authority has some delicious foods on board to offer you.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory In Shelburne

Best Places To Visit In Vermont In Winter
The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory In Shelburne

The toddlers will take this place as heaven as they will find uncountable teddy bears right at their front. The craftspeople of the factory create the teddy bears with their own hands.

And what will excite the kids more is the opportunity to create their own teddies and take them with them to their homes.

North Beach Park In Burlington

This place is one of the best places for kids in Vermont. This beach is one of the best beaches for family outings.

A white, sandy shore with trained lifeguards, BBQ area, bathrooms, food concessions, and numerous recreation opportunities are the key attraction of this place.

Rock Of Ages Granite Quarry In Graniteville

Best Places To Visit In Vermont In Winter
Rock Of Ages Granite Quarry In Graniteville

This is another place to visit with your family, especially with kids. This is the largest granite quarry in the whole world.

The tour starts with a fascinating video regarding the history of the quarry, followed by peering across the granite holes and the emerald-green lake.


What Is The Number One Tourist Attraction In Vermont?

There are a lot of places, but Ben & Jerry’s factory tour is the only place that is loved by both the kids and the adults.

Where Is The Best Place To Vacation In The Winter?

There are a lot of super-beautiful and exciting places to visit in Vermont during the winter season for a vacation.

Some of the most loved places are Woodstock, Stowe, The Mad River Valley, Manchester, Burlington, etc.

What Is There To Do In Vermont In Winter If You Don’t Ski?

You can visit the Granite Quarry in Graniteville, or you can visit the family-friendly beach North Beach Park, or go to the Vermont Teddy Bear factory, or even you can visit the best brewery in America, The Alchemist.

Is December A Good Time To Visit Vermont?

If you love snowy mountains, loves skiing, or like to enjoy the festive season in the cold breezy wintery air, you can visit Vermont in December as the place decorates itself beautifully for the festive season.

To Wrap It Up

Vermont is one of the most beautiful places in America, and probably the most beautiful place in New England.

It has some magical and mesmerizing scenic beauty, picturesque landscapes to explore, and breathtaking fresh air.

This is a great place to visit in winter, and in this article, I have stated all the possible beautiful places and things to do in Vermont if you visit there in winter. So plan your trip in this festive season! Happy journey!

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