Best Warm Places To Visit In December In USA



Looking for some Warm Places To Visit In December In USA?

In many parts of the world, the month of December is associated with snow, thick coats, hot chocolate, and evergreen trees.

However, if you’re seeking to escape away from the cold and snow this December and instead wear shorts and a t-shirt instead of your hat and gloves, the United States of America offers a plethora of warm-weather locations to choose from.

Each of these locations will keep you out of the snow and ice, but they will not lack in Christmas charm or seasonal traditions.

In this article, I will discuss the various warm places to visit in December in the USA, and it will even be budget-friendly.

What Is The Warmest Place In The Usa In December?

The most pleasant December vacation weather in the continental United States
The warmest city is Miami, Florida, which has daily highs of 77.9 degrees Fahrenheit on average.

The Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Miami Beach, Florida, has the warmest water at 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

The warmest park is Everglades Park, Florida, which has daily highs of 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lajitas, Texas, is the driest warm place on the planet, with just 0.23 inches of rain.

Best Warm Places To Visit In December In Usa
What Is The Warmest Place In The Usa In December

Where Is It Warm In December For A Vacation?

  • Warm Places in the United States in December
  • Savannah, Georgia.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Laguna Beach, California.
  • Tempe, Arizona.
  • San Diego, California.
  • Charleston, South Carolina.
  • St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Cheap Warm Places To Visit In December In USA

The Most Affordable Beach Vacation Spots in the United States

  • Daytona Beach, Florida, is a popular tourist destination.
  • Ocean City, Maryland, is a popular tourist destination.
  • Virginia Beach is a city in Virginia.
  • Cape May, New Jersey, is a popular tourist destination.
  • Carlsbad, California, is a city in California.
  • The city of St. Augustine, Florida.
  • Myrtle Beach is located in South Carolina.
  • Gulf Shores, Alabama, is a beach town.

Where Should I Go In December In USA?

In the United States, December travel is often driven by individuals who want to get away from the cold and are searching for a warm destination to visit or by people who like skiing and are looking for a wonderful winter holiday destination.

December tourists who are searching for a seasonal vacation for the holidays are the third kind of visitors to consider.

In December, some of the finest places to visit in the United States include those that offer warmth to northern snowbirds in states like Florida, Hawaii, and California, as well as locales that allow access to some of the best ski slopes in the country.

Best Warm Places To Visit In December In Usa
Where Should I Go In December In USA

Even in December, there are some tropical vacations available in the United States like the U.S. Virgin Islands, Las Vegas, Nevada, Pasadena, California, Washington D.C.Utilize our list of the top locations to visit in the United States in December to plan your trip.

Warm Places To Visit In December In USA

The Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii is one of the most pleasant warm destinations in the United States to visit in December.

It’s wonderful, with tropical breezes, the right amount of sunlight, bath-water warm ocean waves, and plenty of time to rest towards the end of the year when you can be on island time, as described above.

There are many islands from which to select, and you can take either vacation on one of them or arrange a tour that includes several of them.

The island of Oahu serves as an excellent starting point for exploring the city of Honolulu. Relax on Waikiki Beach, pay a visit to the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, and take in the sights of the city.

The island of Maui offers a pleasant mix of activity and tranquility, with golf courses, Wailea Beach, and the dormant volcano Mount Haleakala, where you may see a magnificent sunrise.

Other attractions include the Haleakala National Park and the Haleakala National Monument.

Best Warm Places To Visit In December In Usa
The Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kaunaoa Beach State Park, and Akaka Falls State Park are some of the numerous natural attractions and outdoor activities available on the Big Island.

The tiny island of Kaui is the oldest island in the Hawaiian archipelago and the perfect location for peaceful and romantic getaways. It is also well-known for the many tropical waterfalls that can be found there.

Lanai is another tiny island with isolated natural areas that are not as popular with tourists as the other islands. It is also less developed than the other islands.

The City Of Miami, Florida

This warm location with lots of activities will suit your needs if you’re searching for a warm vacation with plenty of action in December.

In the winter, Miami is a festive destination, with seasonal events such as The Nutcracker and the beautiful lights that illuminate Zoo Miami.

There are many beach activities taking place in the area, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds by mixing holiday celebrations with warm Florida weather.

All of the greatest Miami activities, such as boating and visiting the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, are also available as alternatives.

Because there is no snow in December in Miami, you may take advantage of the opportunity to explore the city’s areas, such as Little Havana and the Miami Design District.

Because many snowbirds from the northern hemisphere make their way to Florida for the winter, you’ll want to book your accommodations well in advance.

The City Of New York, New York

In December, New York City is one of the most joyful places to visit in the United States. Embrace the chilly weather and take a stroll around downtown to view the Christmas shop window decorations or to watch a performance by the world-famous Rockettes.

Make a point of visiting Rockefeller Square to view the world-famous Christmas tree.

Even in the dead of winter in New York City, there is never a boring moment to be found.

Numerous individuals go to New York City in December just for the purpose of shopping for Christmas gifts at the city’s renowned department shops and taking in the many events that take place throughout the holiday season.

Because snowstorms in the northern hemisphere are unpredictable in December, you should allow a little additional time and flexibility in your schedule in case you are delayed in your travels.

The City Of Salt Lake City In The State Of Utah

In December, not everyone wants to get away from the cold. In fact, for enthusiastic skiers, the month of December is the best time to hit the slopes and visit the ski resorts in the Salt Lake City region.

In Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, which are just a short drive from Salt Lake City, there are six world-class ski resorts to choose from. The ski slopes are designed to accommodate skiers of all skill levels, from beginners to experts.

If you would like to just gaze at the snowcapped mountains rather than traverse them, that is also a viable alternative.

In December, Salt Lake City hosts a variety of festive holiday activities, such as horse-drawn carriage rides around Temple Square, which is decked up in colorful Christmas lights.

Best Warm Places To Visit In December In Usa
The City Of Salt Lake City In The State Of Utah

Small shops are also a good place to look for unusual presents. From the month of December, you can immerse yourself in a historical Salt Lake City Christmas by visiting the This Is The Place Heritage Park, which depicts life and holidays in Utah during the 1800s.

The Virgin Islands Of The United States

The Virgin Islands are a no-brainer if you’re looking for a Caribbean holiday in the United States in December.

It is possible to visit the islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas, and Saint John, which are all U.S. territory and offer tropical natural sceneries that are ideal for a mid-winter vacation.

Beach days and snorkeling will be at the top of your to-do list, as will visiting some of the natural parks that dot the landscape of the islands.

Given that St. Thomas is the most populous of the three islands due to the presence of a cruise ship port, you will be sharing the sandy beaches with a large number of other December visitors, even though there are many excursions and activities available.

St. Croix is the biggest of the islands and is home to a plethora of historical and cultural attractions. St. John is the smallest and most natural of the islands, and it offers excellent diving, trekking, tropical flora, and unspoiled coastlines.

The City Of Las Vegas, Nevada

Many December visitors to the United States are drawn to Las Vegas by the bright lights and comfortable temperatures that are guaranteed there.

Plus an abundance of sights and noises along the Las Vegas Strip, you will discover all of the usual flairs, with a holiday December touch thanks to the festive December d├ęcor.

There are extravagant Christmas decorations at many of the hotels, including an abundance of flowers and lights.

Aside from the fantastic shopping opportunities in Las Vegas, there is plenty of December entertainment to enjoy as well. The Botanical Cactus Garden at Ethel M Chocolates is one of the most picturesque places to visit in the area.

At the state’s biggest cactus garden, you may enjoy light displays (some of which are 3-D) that will get you in the Christmas mood.

Taking advantage of the moderate December weather in Las Vegas, you can even spend a winter day relaxing by the pool in your hotel.

Pasadena, California (California)

Travel to Pasadena, California, for your December holiday if you want pleasant weather and an unforgettable experience. The city is preparing for the world-famous Tournament of Roses Parade, which takes place on December 15.

Because of the warm weather in Southern California, it is feasible to spend one day at the beach and the next participating in one of the city’s largest events.

At the end of December, participants in the Rose Parade make final adjustments to their ornate rose-covered floats, which are known as “Deco Week.” You may volunteer to assist with the last preparations if you so want.

If you do want to go to Pasadena to take part in this yearly event, make your reservations well in advance to ensure that you get a place.

The United States Capital, Washington, D.C.

For a variety of reasons, even though the nation’s capital is often snow-covered in December, it is one of the finest locations to visit towards the end of the year.

These include: Visiting Washington, DC during the winter is a great way to save money on hotel rooms while also experiencing fewer crowds at the city’s attractions, which may be difficult to do during the city’s busiest tourist season in the summer.

Best Warm Places To Visit In December In Usa
The United States Capital, Washington, D.C.

Another advantage of visiting Washington, D.C. in December is that most of the Smithsonian institutions are inside, making it simple to see as many as possible during your stay.

Winter holiday decorations adorn the streets of Washington, particularly around the White House and the Capitol Building in December. Many holiday activities are available in and around the city, ranging from walking tours to see the national Christmas tree.

Anchorage, Alaska

Many people go for warmer climes in December, but it is an excellent month to visit Alaska, which is located in the northern hemisphere.

December is the midst of prime viewing season for the Northern Lights, making it simple to locate a trip that will take you to see them.
Take the Alaska Railroad Aurora Winter Train from Anchorage to Fairbanks for a beautiful trip through the mountains.

Another option to enjoy Anchorage in December is to go on a dogsledding excursion, hit the slopes, look for wildlife, or go on a glacier hike with your family.

When you need to take a break from the weather, you may visit one of the many museums in Anchorage that are available. Otherwise, bundle up and enjoy Anchorage during this enchanting time of year by dressing in layers.

Key West, Florida, Is The Destination.

If you visit Key West in December, the calm seas and key lime pie will nearly make you forget that it is winter at all. It is for this reason that it is one of the finest locations to visit in December.

With the Lighted Boat Parade at the Historic Seaport and offshore excursions to help you shake off the winter blues, as you would expect from a warm-weather location, the holidays are celebrated on the water in this tropical paradise.

It is possible to take a tour of the Victorian homes in Key West, which have been beautifully adorned with wreaths and Christmas decorations.

If you want to spend the entire December vacation doing nothing but lounging on the beach, you may do that as well. It’s important to remember that Key West is a popular winter destination, so expect to pay a premium for accommodations and plane tickets.

Breckenridge, Colorado, Is The Destination.

Breckenridge is one of the finest locations to go for some downhill fun in December since it is the height of ski season there.

Even while Breckenridge will be crowded in December, it will be less crowded than some of the warm-weather locations, and it is the place to be if you are seeking top-notch winter skiing.

Although hotel and resort prices may be higher than normal, you can generally combine them with lift tickets valid for the length of your stay to save money.

The Christmas season is in full swing in town, and you can take advantage of the festive atmosphere by visiting one of the many small businesses along Main Street that have been decorated for the occasion.

Even though there will be a lot of people in Breckenridge in December, there are nearly 3,000 acres of ski areas, which means there will be enough space to accommodate the influx of winter visitors in the area.

The City Of New Orleans, Louisiana

Holiday travelers will find the festive city of New Orleans to be an excellent December vacation destination, where they can take advantage of the warmer weather, stroll through city streets and the French Quarter, and then depart before the influx of Mardi Gras revelers begins to arrive in the following months.

The weather in December is warm, but it is not the oppressive heat that you would encounter in the summer, allowing you to enjoy it more easily.

Best Warm Places To Visit In December In Usa
The City Of New Orleans, Louisiana

In December, there are a variety of Christmas events and extravagant light and ornamental displays to enjoy around the city, including lighted art installations at Lafayette Square and other locations.

An additional must-see is the Roosevelt Hotel, which has 50 themed and decorated Christmas trees and thousands of holiday lights adorning the historic building.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Is The Place On The List.

The small, artsy city of Santa Fe in the southwestern United States is a wonderful place to escape to in December if you want to relax in a peaceful setting. Native American culture has a strong presence in the city.

The historic buildings and small shops make for a pleasant stroll while shopping for local artwork, which includes everything from paintings to jewelry.

Santa Fe is a pleasant place to visit if you want to get away from the cold and snow, and it is well-known for its many health retreats and luxurious spa resorts. If you still want to see the snow, you can go outside.

Warm Beaches In December In USA

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Sanibel island, lForida
  • Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii.
  • Hanalei, kaua’i, hawaii.
  • Laguna Beach, California.
  • Grand Isle, Louisiana.
  • San Diego, California

Warmest Us Cities In December

  • Hawaii.
  • Miami,
  • New York City,
  • Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Pasadena, California.
  • Washington D.C.

Best Warm Vacation Spots In The Us

According to the annual Best Vacations rankings published by U.S. News & World Report, the Grand Canyon is the best location to vacation in America.

Hiking, rafting down the Colorado River, and visiting the Grand Canyon Skywalk are all options for visitors to Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

Where Can You Find Temperatures Of 70 Degrees In December?

With temperatures ranging from 66 to 70 degrees throughout November and December, San Diego is one of the finest places in the United States to get away from the sweltering winter heat.

Where Can You Go That Is Both Hot And Inexpensive In December?

Lanzarote has a temperature of 22.2 degrees Celsius. Tenerife has a temperature of 21.9 degrees Celsius. Madeira (20 degrees Celsius) Cape Town (19.8 degrees Celsius)

Where Can I Find A Comfortable Place To Spend Christmas?

Around Christmas time, Naples, Florida, often experiences some of the hottest temperatures in the continental United States.


You will be able to cure the winter blues by visiting one of these warm places to visit in December in the USA.
If you are planning a vacation, whether it is a local or international one, going to warm winter locations may provide the much-needed break we all need. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and made a plan to visit the places in winter.

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