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Airbnb is a modern online marketplace that connects people from all over the world, where one can rent their house to people who are looking for an accommodation in the locality. According to recent record, Airbnb covers almost as many as 100,000 cities and 220 countries all across the world. For the benefit of the users, Airbnbs provide an updated database, where all the information is available.  Take a look at the advantages of Airbnb Savannah Georgia given below.

Advantages Of Airbnb

Airbnb has been very useful in the modern times. Here’s a list of the advantage of using Airbnb:

  • It provides a wide selection of different kinds of properties which includes single room, houseboats, apartments, entire house and all details are mentioned in the website.
  • Hosts do not have to pay for listing their properties.
  • It provides customizable searches and additional services which includes experiences and restaurants.

Now, here we will discuss about the Savannah, a beautiful city in Georgia.

Airbnb Savannah Georgia Historic District

The historic district Savannah is the core heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city Savannah, in Georgia is the largest city and the country seat of Chatham Seat, Georgia. It was established back in the year 1733 and was the first colonial and the state capital of Georgia.

It is also known as the Georgia’s the most planned city and the city’s architecture, countryside, historic structures attract tourists and visitors from all over the world.Savannah is the birthplace of Julliete Garden Low, who was the founder of the Girl’s Scout of United State of America.

Savannah is a rich source of history. One of the first South’s Museum for public, Telfair Academy of Arts and Science is also situated in Savannah.The First African Baptist Church, the oldest black Baptist church in United States, Central of Georgia Railway roadhouse, the building of the oldest antebellum railway facility in United States of America is also located in Savannah, Georgia.

Airbnb Savannah Georgia
Airbnb savannah georgia

Today, the district of Savannah’s downtown area is considered the largest National Historic Landmark District in the entire United States of America and it was designated in the year 1966.

Savannah Georgia Airbnb

Savannah, located in Georgia is a charming Southern escape where one can find solitude and can spend time with oneself. Savannah is a blend of art, history, period architecture, trendy boutiques all under the umbrella of aesthetic canvas. Savannah is such a place where cuisine comes straight from coast areas and served with cocktail after every single meal.

The city Savannah in Georgia, emits charm and the environment with the pedestrian friendly roads, cobblestone pathways, clean streets and tree-filled squares, moss-laden oak trees, a relaxing surrounding and an ample of fresh air.

Savannah Georgia Airbnb have become very famous and are preferred by all the visitors and tourists. Here is a list of some of the best Savannah Airbnb rental to stay.

  • The Nest– This is the best Airbnb for large a family or for a party. It has been newly renovated with a lot of new appliances and modern features were introduced.
  • Modern Rustic House– It is one of the best places for vacation rental and is in the perfect location for visiting the most attractive place of downtown, the coastal area and the beaches of Tybee Island.
  • Shangri- La Savannah– This is one of the oldest mansionsin Savannah, located near the Forsyth Park, a quaint neighborhood, with hotels, restaurants, bars. It was built in the year 1895, that is during the Victorian period. Beautiful walkable pavements, surrounded by old architecture is the main source of attraction.
  • Diamond Oaks Treehouse– It is the most unique Savannah Airbnb rental house. This is basically a treehouse, so I guess it is clear why it falls under the unique category. This special house has many skylights which creates a soothing ambience and feels like fairy tale.

What Area Of Savannah Is The Best To Stay?

The entire city of Savannah is so beautiful that it is very difficult to point out places, which are the best to stay. Savannah is a hub of rich culture. Each section and set of the Savannah, Georgia provides a unique way of experience. But before going for the neighborhood sight-seeing, it is much important to know the history of the downtown Savannah.

The total area of Savannah is roughly around 103 square miles, which is only just slightly smaller than the size of the neighboring state, Atlanta. The City’s layout makes it a walkable place. The houses, unique architecture which remained since the Victorian age, just adds more beauty to the Savannah.

For sight-seeing, the best place of the city to stay is the Historic District of Savannah, where the old architectural beauty of the buildings, museums, churches bring out the true sense of Savannah. The Historic District consists of only 22 miles, but contains more than 1200 historical surrounded by eye-soothing gardens.

City Market is the best place to stay if you are into shopping. It is often referred to as the Shopper’s paradise. Most of the restaurants and shops are placed and housed in old but beautifully restored warehouses which are part of the Savannah’s long and interesting past.

River Street is the best place to stay in Savannah, Georgiafor nightlife. This is the waterfront area and this the prime location and premier destination for food, live music and nightlife. At night, the River Street comes alive while the rest of Savannah goes to sleep.

If you made a budget, and do not want to spend more, the best place to stay is Midtown. Midtown is a very good choice if one is looking for cheaper accommodations.

These are some of the best places to stay in Savannah, though the entire Savannah mainland provides a unique and different out view.

Are There Bad Neighborhoods In Savannah?

The savannah city has a picturesque landscape and it might seem that there can be no crime in such a beautiful place. But the records, published by the FBI stated that the chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime is 1 in 37 in Savannah, Georgia.

Though, it is not possible to say this a good place and that place is bad. It is all mixed together. But it is the east-side of the Savannah that has more place to visit than the west side of the city.

The crime index of Savannah is 18 which means that Savannah is safer than 18% of the United States’ cities and this is really frightening and disappointing.

Is Savannah Safe At Night?

There is generally medium risk about getting into trouble in Savannah. Savannah is mostly safe during daytime. Especially the city centers and the tourist places are the safest place in Savannah. However, it is not all recommended to walk around the city, all alone late at night.

Regarding public transports, the risk factor is comparatively less but one must always watch your pocket. At night, it is recommended to use a taxi. Taxi is a convenient and safe mode of transportation. And, it is always advisable to stay alert to the people around you, after all a foreign land.

Serious robberies or assault with the sole aim of robbery happen quite often in the Savannah. Especially in adverse areas, robberies are common and sometimes dangerous as well. So, one must be alert all the time because danger can come from any direction.

So, to be safe, it is advisable not to get out and roam alone in the night. Savannah may be a beautiful place with a lot of historic buildings and architecture but, deep down there are crimes that is taking place, Savannah is not cent percent safe at night.

Is Savannah Worth Visiting?

Savannah is such a place, which is definitely worth visiting. It is not only just a beautiful place or a place of history and rich culture, but also as soon as you enter Savannah is an instant de-stressor. Walking down the pavements, cobblestone roads is more like stepping into a time machine and in a wink, you will find yourself in the 1800’s.

Airbnb Savannah Georgia
Airbnb savannah georgia

Savannah, in Georgia is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire America. Savannah is a town with two personalities. It is quite sleepy and quiet, serene during the weekdays but in the weekends, it gets wild and active.

There are a lot of rental houses, incredible Savannah Airbnb hotels, restaurants and this whole Savannah is a great place to spend the weekend and get refreshed.

Here’s a list, what you must see once if you visit Savannah.

  • Forsyth Park– green space land with athlete park and pavements to walk.
  • Bonaventure Cemetery– famous for the Famed Midnight in the Cemetery Garden
  • Mercer William House Museum– famous for tours of haunted historic site
  • Wormloe Historic Site– Ruins of 18thcentury still can be seen along with beautiful garden.
  • Telfair Museum– a hub of famous and age-old historic artifacts.
  • Historic District of Savannah– The oldest are of Savannah.

Airbnb Tybee Island Georgia

Tybee Island is a small barrier island and a very small city near Savannah, Georgia. It is known for its picture like landscape, wide and sandy coast line. In the north of Tybee Island, is the famous and old 19th century gun batteries at the Fort Screven. Tybeen museum and the famous lighthouse is also located in the northern area of the Tybee Island.

Savannah, Georgia is itself a place of high tourist demand. Beside the main city, the Tybee Island further adds point while talking about tourist spots. Airbnb Savannah has found many rental houses and apartments, which made it very easy for the tourists and the visitors to find a suitable place to stay in Savannah.

Tybee Island is a place which is full of fun in the sun and historic buildings and museums, beautiful beaches and a family-friendly environment. Tybee Island stretching almost 3 miles, is a perfect place for swimming, fishing, sunbathing and water sports.

Rent A House In Airbnb Savannah Georgia For Vacation

With the introduction of many travel agencies and most famous Airbnb facility, it has become very easy to get a place to stay. Not only a house, if you want an apartment or a castle, Savannah Airbnb can arrange for it. There are also pocket friendly houses and there are a lot of options and each house or apartments are categorized so that one can easily choose looking at the features.

Modern technology and new applications, it has become very easy to rent a house in savannah for vacation or during tourist peak times. Houses are available for rent all across the city of Savannah and they are easy to approach.


Savannah, in Georgia is one of the most beautiful places in America, better to say in the entire world. With age-old building, structures, architecture, gardens, sandy beach, great restaurants and food, Savannah and Tybee Island is the best package for spending the weekend or a vacation.

Airbnb Savannah Georgia
Airbnb savannah georgia

With the introduction of Savannah Airbnb, it has become very easy to rent a house and to get a suitable house to stay according to your choice. The Savannah Airbnb provides the feature to look at the house before taking or giving rent. Overall, Savannah, Georgia is a great place to shake off all the stress of the week and to get refreshed for a new start of the week.


Q. Is Savannah In America?

A. Yes. Savannah is a city in Georgia, which is a state of the United States of America

Q. What Is Savannah, Georgia Known For?

A. Savannah is one of the 13 colonies that were once colonized and Savannah is the oldest city of Georgia. Savannah is famous for its beautiful landscape and its historic significance along with the famous museums, churches, which is known across the world.

Q. Is Savannah A Costly Place?

A. Just like any tourist place, it is a bit costly but there are also pocket-friendly applications and rent houses are available to stay. It depends how luxuriously you want to spend the vacation.

Q. How To Get To Savannah, Georgia?

A. Flights are available. It takes 20 minutes in car downtown to the city Savannah from the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport.

Q. What Is The Best Way To See Savannah’s Historic District?

A. There are many modes of transportation. There is horse-drawn carriage which tours the city and they are really informative. One can also walk along the city and venture the different corners of the city.

Q. How To Get To Tybee Island From Airbnb Savannah Georgia?

A. From Savannah downtown, one need to take the Victory Drive to Route 80 to reach Tybee Island.

Q. Is Fishing Allowed In Tybee Island?

A. Yes, fishing and water-sports are allowed but not in the restricted region.

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