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“An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease”

Not everyone is a mountain lover and not all people like trekking as their adventure sport. Some are made for the water and surfing, for the sun and beaches.

And if you are amongst those then you have landed at the right place because we are about to release the waves of information on best beaches in Vietnam and a beach lover like you must not miss them.

So, get your swimsuits ready and start taking notes because we have sorted your vacation plans and have arranged all the options to choose from so brace yourself and read below.

Vlogging Vietnam

“We dream in colours borrowed from the sea”

Well, we are just blogging Vietnam for you and it’s you who has to vlog it for us to see. All the fun, the sea colour, sand and sunshine too, you must record them all but before that, gabbing all the essential details on the country you are about to visit, is very crucial.

But why Vietnam and why not any other country or any different landscape? Here is a brief introduction to the Vietnam that will put some light on these questions!

What it has got to offer?

Best Beaches in Vietnam
Best Beaches in Vietnam

With 8 UNESCO heritage sites, Vietnam naturally has no shortage of beautiful beaches as it has got around 2,000 miles of coastline plus a handful of renowned island destinations that covers it from all sides. The beauty of nature is one of the major reasons to visit Vietnam.

Not only beautiful but Vietnam is also a safe tourist destination and is one of the few travel destinations that encompass incredible scenery with a huge history.

Knowing their unique culture and the way of living of local people is something that fascinates tourist the most. apart from that, their architecture & archaeology, food, war history are a few other things that the visitors love and admire the most about the city.

Abundance of natural beauty, several adventure activities, romance in air, the low-cost living, and easy ground transport are some of the main reasons why it is becoming the most preferred travel friendly country.

Tourist interest things:

While Vietnam is popularly known for being a famous tourist destination majorly for its beautiful beaches and coastline, but that’s not the only thing which makes Vietnam popular across the globe. The friendly nature of the local people, the Vietnam War, its motorbikes, Vietnamese coffee, floating markets and rice terraces are some of the things that makes Vietnam stand out in the list of tourist destination are encourage tourist from various countries to visit this uniquely beautiful country.


Best Beaches in Vietnam
Best Beaches in Vietnam

Talking about its weather since it’s one of the key components that decides the tourism in any country, Vietnam has an average annual temperature of around 21 to 23 degree C and the country remains mostly cool and sometimes hot during the summers while winters see a drop in the temperature to as low as 0 degree.

Done and dusted with knowing all the reasons to visit Vietnam, surely a beautiful and budget friendly country but our hunt has not ended yet. In-fact we have just begun!

Now, let’s quickly get to the point and know everything about Vietnam beaches. Grab some popcorns and red below.

Beach Beauty

“Sky above, sand below, peace within”

Who doesn’t want to go and visit a place that has safety, beauty and sand filled beaches to offer without hurting their pockets?

To be honest, as soon as we’ll get a vacation, we are definitely going to book tickets to Vietnam and chill at its beaches under the sun.

Well, you must do that too, but before that, grabbing all the essential knowledge on its beauty and places to visit is a must.

Let us start with understanding Vietnam coastal line and the limit or limitless water it has got. Excluding all the islands that this country has, Vietnam has got a coastline of a whooping 3,260 km and claims 12 nautical miles (22.2 km) as the limit of its territorial waters and a contiguous customs and security zone.

Well, this proves that is surely has got so many beaches to offer and landscapes to show-off. If you know anyone who thinks does Vietnam have good beaches or not? tell them that it has no shortage of natural beaches and they can visit a new beach every day for their vacation.

Most beautiful beaches in Vietnam

Best Beaches in Vietnam
Best Beaches in Vietnam

Here are our top 5 recommendations on some of the most beautiful beaches of Vietnam for Vietnam beach vacation:

  1. Nah Trang

Nha Trang Beach or City Beach is one of the main and most famous pristine beaches of the city, it comes under the list of well-kept beaches of Vietnam where you can find the iconic view of the bay, and some crowd during peak hours for its popularity and beauty.

If you ever land near the Nha Trang area you must visit this beach as it not just beautiful but has got vibrant activities and scenery that are worthy of all your time.

  1. Con Dao:

Con Dao is an island that is part of an archipelago off the southern region of the country. If you are someone who like quite beaches with minimal crowd, Con Dao is the place for you. you can consider it as one of the idyllic beaches of Vietnam because unlike other popular and crowded beaches, it is mostly silent since it is separated from the mainland with little transportation on the island.

If you wish to stay there for a while to enjoy its silence and scenic beauty, there are many budget friendly hotels that can accommodate you and you can enjoy the annual releasing of baby sea turtles and you can also watch the green sea turtles at the nearby turtle sanctuary. You can enjoy the Asian sun, soft sandy, coral reefs, clear blue water that is perfect for swimming and other water sports and diving excursion with its diverse marine life on the Con Dao beach.

  1. Dong Chau:

Discussing about beaches and excluding romance from them is like talking about the sun without its sunshine. There has to be a romance filled beach in Vietnam where you can spend some quality time with your partner right?

Talking about that, in the northern part of the country there’s one of the oldest and most romantic beaches of Vietnam called Dong Chau Beach which is more popular as a scenic and picnic beach than a swimming or adventure beach.

You will witness a clear see, feel the cool breeze and will be surrounded by pine forests along with a mangrove conservatory on the beach.

Apart from that there are beautiful gardens and coconut groves that adds onto the beach mood and make the landscape all the more worthy of visiting.

Fresh seafood, peaceful nature, raw and thick vegetation, great geographical location to see some rare migrating birds are some more factors that makes this beach unique and a must visit.

You can spend some quality time here while kitesurfing, fishing, and playing volleyball to enjoy yourself.

  1. Ly Son Island:

If you are looking for a remote, less visited and a little less popular Vietnamese beach then you must visit Ly Son island for its beaches.

It has a remote location off the central coast of Vietnam which is why it is the lesser-known Island amongst the tourists.

It is a cluster of volcanic craters and there aren’t as many palm trees and beach resorts but you will find many exciting and fascinating geological formations as well as over 50 temples and shrines to explore over there.

Also, this beach is also the home of world-famous garlic and seafood that also opens up to clear blue waters and fossil reefs.

  1. Long Beach:

Do you like to walk by the beach at night? Would you prefer a small beach for this purpose or a long one? Because this beach, just like its name is one of the longest beaches in Vietnam with a 19-kilometer stretch of sand. Apart from that it is also known for its calm swimming water and has also got the perfect ambience for casual swims and relaxation.

Also, here you will get a tropical beach experience, with lounge chairs, beachfront cafes, and restaurants serving fresh seafood so if this is what excites you, head towards the long beach as soon as you land in Vietnam.

And now it’s time to answer few questions that usually tourists have in their minds.

Best Beaches in Vietnam
Best Beaches in Vietnam
  • Can you swim in Vietnam beaches?

It is allowed and is also safe to swim in almost all the Vietnamese beach and the ocean as well. Talking about the safety, the authorities are required to alert swimmers if there could be an issue. As a responsible person, one must be alert to any strange red, brown, or dark blue water and avoid swimming in it if it doesn’t feel alright. Also, make sure you are a pro swimmer if you wish to go too far to too under in the beaches.

  • What should I avoid in Vietnam?

Here are the things you should either avoid or be careful of when in Vietnam.

  1. Not the street meat but the strange looking meat. roadside coffee, beware of this one. Tao water. Milk. Cold soups. Uncooked vegetables. Dog meat and raw blood pudding. Basically, Eat Everything but with caution and beware.
  2. Also, it’s unpredictable and ever-changing weather, thieves, not leaving litter especially plastic anywhere, motorbike safety and keep your phone and wallet out of sight.
  • Where should I stay on a beach holiday in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, almost every beach has plenty of accommodation options for its visitors. From luxury to ultra-luxury, comfortable and pocket-friendly there are plenty of options to choose from.

You can easily get a hotel or resort to stay in the very location where you are. Just make sure you are not visiting a very crowded beach otherwise getting a room-bookings will become a task.

So many beaches have also got four start resorts and you can either get a reservation or get a room on arrival over there.

Now go and quickly plan a trip to these amazing beaches of Vietnam.


A quick research on the country you are visiting and making sure of your safety, stay and location to visit never harm anyone.

Talking about Vietnam, it has got plenty of beaches to offer you with the beauty of nature and amazing sea food.

Just make sure of all the dos and don’ts and then visit Vietnam without any worries.

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