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Rome! The city of dreams for the people who are madly in love with travelling. Scenic Neighborhood In Scenic Neighborhood In Rome stands out as the city of extraordinary beauty/with its handy mixture of inspiring arts, picturesque streets, haunting ruins, and a vibrant lifestyle.

The scenic neighbourhood in Rome can mesmerize you in all aspects if you are planning to make a trip to Scenic Neighborhood In Rome. You see, Scenic Neighborhood In Rome is much more alive with its Vatican, Colosseum and so many famous places. But there are other places as well and a huge number of visitors really want to explore the places which remain a mystery for them.

Are you planning to spend your holidays in Rome and also want to explore the unknown places there? If you say yes, this article is only for you. The well-known places and landmarks in the capital of Italy are easy to find if you go through this article minutely.

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No more waiting then. Let’s start.

Where To Find The Scenic Neighborhood in Rome- Know Everything


The breathtaking scenic neighbourhood in Rome is the central attraction of this city. You can say that Rome is one of the most romantic and charismatic cities in the world- so many places to visit, explore and enjoy. Besides, you can find one of the ancient civilizations when you are on a trip to Scenic Neighborhood In Rome.

No matter where you roam in Rome, it will be a worthy experience. I can assure you that. I can also say that visiting Rome is more like exploring one of your precious dreams.

Here is the list of neighbourhoods you must visit when you are in Rome.

Prati Neighborhood- Unique in its Own Style

You just can’t ignore the Prati neighbourhood in Scenic Neighborhood In Rome. Prati is unique and well-known worldwide for its eye-soothing beauty, elegant buildings and avenues, and modern European charm. People often call Prati the ‘white-collar’ neighbourhood for the residential area for the upper-class people.

With the convenient location, cool restaurants, and high-end shopping areas, Prati gained the popularity of Rome’s best-kept-secret. Cola di Rienzo, one of the exclusive shopping streets of Prati is a less crowded version of Via del Corso. You can a vast number of affordable Italian and international brands here.

Prati is also the home of the departmental store, Coin Excelsior. The cool restaurants, streets for side-walking, and seating offer the people a place for peace who visit there.

Notably, Prati is a neighborhood that is not over-crowded by tourists till now. Therefore, you have much scope to eat, shop and enjoy yourself in Prati.

Jewish Ghetto

If you want to visit the oldest neighborhood in Rome, Jewish Ghetto is perfectly alright for you. The place has its own historical value. In the middle of the 16th century, the papacy passed an order which said the separating of the Jewish Community of Rome from the predominant Catholic citizenry. The Jewish people preferred this area for living.

Scenic Neighborhood In Rome

In present days, this place has become a hotspot of a thriving culture and also the hometown of La Cucina Ebrarica. You can get here the famous Jewish cuisine and several historical monuments. Also, the Portico of Octavia and the Marcellus Theater are waiting for you to visit.


It is the heartbeat of Roman culture and a perfect place for night-life scenes. Testaccio used to be the home place for the Roman Emporium where goods used to arrive from the Roman Empire.

In the present scenario, it is a place for lively people, many famous restaurants, vibrant street arts, and so on. You can enjoy the scenic beauty and the buzzing Testaccio markets here. That is a specialty of the place.

Coppedge District

This place is situated the north of Rome’s City Center. The place is quite small including only 18 buildings and 27 villas. But, never ignore the value of this district as it has a sign of distinct architecture on the Rome city.

Scenic Neighborhood in Rome

You must be surprised to know that only one person, Gino Coppedge single-handedly designed all the buildings between 1913 and 1927. He took inspiration from ancient Greek, Medieval, Baroque and Gothic styles.

Though you can’t find any hotels or food plazas within the district, you can have the eye-soothing scenic beauty. This area includes the wrought iron chandelier which is above the Via Tagliamento and Fontana Delle Rane.


Want to have peace in the midst of nature? Parioli is the best place to visit for you. It has the Villa Borghese park, graceful residential places in the capital, and many more. It is also a heavenly place for the foodies as well.

You can have there the popular Ambasciata D’Abuzzo if you are in love with traditional Roman food. You can try Zero if you love a fusion of Italian Asian cuisine. Go for Metamorfosi if you want to have a fine dining place.

Or do have the visit to the scenic beauty at the top of your list? Visit Villa Borghese Park then. This beautiful garden is one of the outdoor places in Rome.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Parioli and enjoy the view.

Restaurants near Pantheon in Rome

Yes, food is one of the best attractions when you visit new places. Rome is the herb of that attraction. Pantheon is one of the most-visited places in Rome and quite popular for its restaurants. You must try the foods which are available at the restaurants near Pantheon in Rome.

Scenic Neighborhood in Rome
Scenic Neighborhood in Rome

Here is a list of restaurants near Pantheon which are quite popular for their exotic cuisines.


It is a shop and restaurant which is selling Italian products such as, Parma ham, wine, tortellini, parmesan cheese, and liquor. With the capacity of seating 140 people, this restaurant gains its popularity among the restaurants.

ParmAmora is situated at the north of the great Pantheon dome which is very convenient for travelers.

Armando al Pantheon

This food plaza is situated in Rome for over half a century since 1961. The amazing thing is that its name is the same as high-quality Roman cuisine and they serve the customers the same. There are a variety of menus in their list: regional cold cuts, spaghetti with Pecorino Romano cheeses, tuple-topped antipasti, and whatnot.

This family-run restaurant assures your smile and gives you a warm welcome whenever you want to go there.

La Sacrestia

This place is decorated with quotes of Horace and the other poets and with pretty replicas of classic Italian art. They serve homemade foods of rustic quality. In short, it is a perfect place to have dinner with your family.

Eau Vive

This French restaurant is situated at the heart of Rome and it provides the visitors with a cosmopolitan environment. The foods at Eau Vive ranges from soups to Mediterranean salads and Lorraine quiches. This place can be the ideal area to dine near Pantheon.

II Buco

If you want to have the best experience regarding restaurants, II Buco is just perfect for you. The mouth-watering Italian dishes available here are the main attraction of this place. The most loved foods are fresh meat cuts, ice cream, and homemade cakes.

It is very close to Pantheon too. You just have to walk five minutes to the west along Via Sant’lgnazio to reach there.

I know very well that there are too many questions prevailing in your mind. I’ll tell you the answers.

What Is The Nicest Neighborhood In Rome?

What Is The Nicest Neighborhood In Rome
What Is The Nicest Neighborhood In Rome

Well, there are too many. There are several areas which you can consider as nicest neighborhood.


Monti is a very popular place in Rome. The shops, streets, and the locality of Monti have their own unique charm. The place has made its own style and fashion with its avant-garde boutiques. So, if you want to make the best out of it, you should definitely visit the place.

Centro Storico

The other name of this city is Historic Centre. The attractions are baroque churches, cobbled streets, stately pizzas, and beautiful sights such as Pantheon and so on.


This place is situated beside the river Tiber. Though it is the most bohemian district of Rome, this place has its unique and distinctive charm. It offers the visitors a unique nightlife of Rome as this place has a variety of bars and restaurants open for the whole night. Antica Pesa is perhaps the greatest attraction of this place.


Pigneto is the den of a cool and attractive hipster set in Rome. It is enriched with top bars and restaurants, chic cafes, and many more. This place can even compete with the vibrant New York borough of Brooklyn by its magic.

What Is The Best Area Of Rome To Stay In For Sightseeing?

If you are looking for the best areas for sightseeing in Rome, San Giovanni and Testaccio perfectly fit you. One or two days are not enough for you to cover all the sights you get here. You see, you easily take apart this large district: San Giovanni and Celio, and Aventino and Testaccio.


You can start your journey at Basilica si San Giovanni in Laterano. You can avail metro for that. Then you can go to Via di San Giovanni in Laterano which is near Colosseum.

Basilica di San Clemente is a beautiful church with an eerie underground. Once you are done you can go to Celio, the place with green hills. You will see there Villa Celimentana park. Also, Terme di Caracalla can be a thrilling tower to see.

Testaccio is the heaven for foodies with its extra-ordinary trattorias and a happening nightlife. There in the Aventino hills situated many medieval churches. You can also visit St. Peter’s Dome there.

Where Do The Rich Live In Rome?

Well, the rich and the prestigious people prefer to live in Parioli. This place is actually in the north of the city. Very few people visit the place.

There are also the places like Parti, Testaccio, Aventino, Centro Storico where you can find wealthy people.

Where Should I Stay In Rome To Walk Everywhere?


That’s not at all a big problem. You can stay in the best places and even walk everywhere from there in Rome. Such places are:

  • Termini- Esquilino central Station area.
  • Navona Square- campo dei Fiori area
  • Spanish Steps- Via Veneto area
  • Monti- Colosseum Area
  • Ostiense- Testaccio Area

What Are The Bad Areas Of Rome?

It’s safe for you to avoid the bad and crime-ridden areas in Rome. They are Bella Monaca, san Basilio and Corviale. Also, be careful when you are in Termini. This place is full of pic-pockets and thieves.

What Is The Richest Town In Italy?


Well, your answer is Milan. It is the capital of the Lombardy region and it is situated in northern Italy. The GDP of both Milan and Lombardy were $493 billion and $801 billion respectively in 2017.

Which Is The Most Expensive City In Italy?

It’s the same again. Milan is the most expensive city in Italy.

What Are The Best Day Trips From Rome?

There are several best day trips from Rome that you can avail. They are

  • Florence- the enclave of culture.
  • Vatican City- where the Pope lives
  • Pompei- the fossil of ancient civilization
  • Naples- the gateway to Mt Vesuvius
  • Amalfi coast- a most happening holiday destination

Visit Rome Today

There are uncountable places in Rome that are famous for their scenic beauty. There are a lot more things to discover. A trip of one or two weeks is too little to discover the vastness of Rome. So, don’t wait for anymore. Visit Rome today.

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