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Rich in its eternal landscape and creative cultures, Iceland is one of the perfect places for honeymooners to celebrate their new journey of life.

They can have multiple Iceland honeymoon packages that can offer them an attractive and exciting blend of adventures and activities. Considered pretty much like heaven on earth, Iceland is an idyllic paradise for couples.

Iceland is a place where nature sits with humans in perfect harmony.  The landscape of Iceland is full of vast lava fields, natural springs, huge volcanos, and splurging geysers.

While traveling to Iceland, you can feel the difference between this place from the world. Therefore, keeping all these things in mind, Iceland honeymoon packages are the ideal romantic gateways that let couples enjoy opulent resorts, spa services, hot springs, adventurous wilderness, and much more things.

Exciting, isn’t it? Read the below sections and learn what natural treasures you can explore when you choose the exciting honeymoon packages offered by the hotels in Iceland.

Top 5 And Bestselling Iceland Honeymoon Packages That Couples Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Iceland Honeymoon Packages


Do not get confused after seeing so many offers for honeymooners. I mean, you are going to spend the best days of your life when you choose to go to Iceland. So, you should avail the best package that suits your requirements as a romantic couple.

Don’t worry! Here I present the best 5 honeymoon packages in Iceland that are worth availing of.

Packages Duration Inclusions Price
Spellbinding Honeymoon Package to Iceland 8 days Hotels, Activities, Transfers $886.54/person
Luxurious Iceland Honeymoon 6 nights Hotels, Activities, Transfers $626.18/person
Memorable Tour Package to Iceland 9 days Hotels, Activities, Transfers $1035/person
Charming Iceland Couple Package 8 nights Hotels, Flights, Transfers $2400/person
Fabulous Iceland Honeymoon Tour Package 12 nights Hotels, Transfers $940/person

Iceland Honeymoon Packages: Details

Located between the Arctic Oceans and the North Atlantic, Iceland has all the heavenly beauty of nature. Choosing a honeymoon package in Iceland includes your personalized Iceland itinerary, hotels, flights, and amenities.

From changing resorts according to your needs to adding activities that suit you the best, you will be able to experience all kinds of customization in multiple packages.

Now, different honeymoon packages in Iceland offer different types of facilities. Their inclusions and exclusions are also different.

The below sections will guide you through the multiple amenities offered by the 5 bestselling honeymoon packages in Iceland.

Please remember that no matter what package you choose, you have to bear an average of $470.60 for one person in Iceland.

Spellbinding Honeymoon Package To Iceland

Inclusions: Hotels, Activities, and Transfers

Exclusion: Flights (To/ From Iceland)

Facilities: Bar and Lounge, Live Music, Fitness center, Free internet, Ultra-modern rooms

Luxurious Iceland Honeymoon

Inclusions: Hotels, Activities, and Transfers

Exclusions: Flights

Facilities: Ultra-modern rooms, Free internet, Free parking, Hot tubs, Golf course, horse riding, and hiking

Memorable Tour Package To Iceland


  • Hotels
  • Activities
  • Transfers


  • Flights


  • Modern rooms
  • Free internet
  • Free Parking
  • Spa services
  • 24 hours room service
  • Fitness center

Charming Iceland Couple Package


  • Hotels
  • Flights
  • Transfers


  • Activities


  • Ultra-modern suites with panoramic views
  • Heated pools
  • Golf course
  • Free bike rides
  • Free internet
    Spa services
  • 24 hours room service

Fabulous Iceland Honeymoon Tour Package


  • Hotels
  • transfers


  • Flights
  • Activities


  • Ultra-modern rooms
  • Free internet
  • 24 hours room services
  • 24 hours front desk services
  • Minibar
  • Fitness center
  • Spa and salon services
  • Free bike rides

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Exciting Amenities Offered By The Hotels In Iceland That Are Worth Enjoying

Almost every hotel in Iceland offers its guests and visitors the same amenities and activities. These amenities include the exploration of nature and the heavenly landscape in Iceland.

You will not get bored while visiting the ancient museums, hiking in the most desolate areas, watching Dalvik, and enjoying various land and water sports in the country of Iceland.

No matter what season you visit Iceland, you will always find these activities inspiring, adventurous, and entertaining.

Here Are The Most Entertaining Activities That Couples Can Enjoy In Iceland.

Iceland Honeymoon Packages

1. Have a lifetime experience of visiting the Northern Lights and enjoy the heavenly natural phenomenon from
Reykjavik. Visit Silfra Fissure and enjoy water sports like snorkeling, sea kayaking, and more.

2. Ice cave tours are always exciting and adventurous for every visitor in Iceland. You can enjoy multiple ice cave tours like Vatnajokull Ice Cave Tour, Crystal Ice Cave Tour, Katla Ice Cave Tour under the volcano, and more.

3. Iceland will offer guests volcano tours including Meradalir Volcano Site Hike, Blue Lagoon Admission and Volcano Eruption Site, Meradalir Volcano Airplane Flights, and more adventurous tours.

4. Enjoy lava caving tours such as Raufarholshellir Lava Tunnel Tour, Inside the Volcano Tour, Black, and Blue Caving and Snorkeling Tour, etc.

5. You will also be able to experience adventurous and exciting snowmobile adventure tours in Iceland. These activities include Glacier Snowmobile Tours from Skjol and Reykjavik, Snowmobile and Ice Cave Tour, Golden Circle, Snowmobile and Super Truck, Snowmobile on Vatnajokull, and more.

6. Iceland hotels offer adventurous whale-watching tours for visitors from Reykjavik.

7. Enjoy multiple ring road tours, horseback riding tours, and hiking tours arranged by resorts and hotels.

8. Water sports like scuba diving are worth enjoying in Iceland.

9. You will be able to enjoy multiple island hopping, speed boat tours, rafting tours, natural hot spring tours, and several wellness tours and activities in Iceland.

Places To Visit Iceland: Best For Couples(Day Wise)

There are countless places that tourists can explore in Iceland. Every place will offer them a new experience and tourists will never get bored while exploring the places here. From watching the northern lights to exploring ice and lava caves, Iceland will never stop amazing you.

Here are the places that you can visit in Iceland with your partner and have a romantic day out.

Day 1: Ring Road

Ring Road

It is a national road in Iceland that surrounds the whole country. It is a major way of transportation in Iceland.

Activities To Do: Hiking | Adventurous bike rides | Skiing

Price: $720-$900

Transport Availability: Cars | Bikes

Rating: 5 out of 5

Address: Pjoovegur 1Iceland

Day 2: Gunnuhver Hot Springs

Gunnuhver Hot Springs

Gunnuhver Hot Spring is considered the heart of the Blue Diamond. It is a place where you can experience the ridge of the North Atlantic rising from the ocean.

Activities To Do: Relax at the Blue Lagoon Spa | Experience the Brimketill lava rock pool | See the bridge between
two continents

Price: $600-$700

Transport Availability: Cars

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5

Address: Mooruvellir 4 Iceland  

Day 3: Grotta Lighthouse

Grotta Lighthouse

Fewer places like Grotta Lighthouse can offer a beautiful view of the northern lights or the Aurora Borealis in Iceland.

Activities To Do: Enjoy the heaven-like Aurora Borealis or the northern lights.

Price: $200-$400

Transport Availability: Cars, Bikes

Ratings: 5 out of 5

Address: Reykjavik 1 Iceland

Day 4: Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach

This popular beach was created due to a huge volcanic eruption.

Activities To Do: Enjoy the calmness of the surroundings | Relax at the sea beach | Experience the unique shape and the beautiful pattern of the beach

Price: $74 to $200

Transport Availability: Cars | Bikes

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5

Address: Reynisfjaravik Iceland

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Things You Should Be Aware Of Before Visiting Iceland For Honeymoon

Now, for those who are going to visit Iceland for their honeymoon for the first time, there are multiple things that they should be aware of. It is extremely essential to know what you should do and don’t do in an unknown country like Iceland.

Iceland is a country with ever-changing weather. Also, this land has its own rules and regulations. So, the first thing you should be aware of is what you should take with you before visiting Iceland.

Next, you should know what you should wear there and the best time to visit Iceland.

Let’s have a look.

Items You May Take

  • Rain Jacket
  • Windproof travel umbrella
  • Heat packs
  • First aid box
  •  Leather boots
  • Swimsuit
  • Travel insurance papers
  • Backpack
  • A travel guide
  • The Basic layout of the resort where you and your partner are going to stay.
  • USB car charger
  • Mobile and laptop charger
  • Camera
  • Quick-dry towels

Safety Precautions: So, the basic safety precautions you need to take before traveling to Iceland is to know the rules and regulations of the land very well.

Do not take items with you that are prohibited in Iceland. Be well prepared for the weather there. Do good research about the country.

Weather Factor: In Iceland, the weather can change at any time because this land is situated near the Arctic Circle. It has a very milder climate. So, be prepared for the weather.

Dresses To Wear In Iceland: There are no such strict laws regarding the dress code in Iceland. But you should wear warm thermals, sweaters, leather boots, and windproof jackets in Iceland to protect yourself from the cold.

Do wear rain jackets or raincoats if it is raining outside.

The Best Time To Visit Iceland: From the months of June to August is the high time to visit Iceland. Hotels prices are generally high at this time. You can visit Iceland from May to September as it is the best time to avoid crowds.

Generally, October to May is the low season for Iceland.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Iceland a good place for a honeymoon?

Often called the heaven on earth, Iceland can be an exotic place for newly-married couples to celebrate the new journey of life.

Almost the entire region of Iceland is full of natural beauty and couples will surely enjoy an enthralling experience in Iceland. Actually, very few countries like Iceland can give you a variety of natural landscapes,

creative cultures, and a wide possibility of thrilling tour activities.

Apart from that, newly-married couples will never get bored as they can enjoy countless tourist destinations including lava cave tours, glacier tours, adventurous volcano tours, whale watching trips, ice cave tours, rafting, hiking, and many more things.

There are several exciting honeymoon packages that couples can avail of. It will provide them with so many exciting offers and activities. In short, never miss a chance to spend your honeymoon days in Iceland.

2. Is Iceland an expensive place to visit?

Nested just below the Arctic Circle, Island is an island on the Europe continent.

Though being one of the most popular islands for its vast natural landscape, especially the volcanos, Iceland is considered one of the most expensive travel destinations in the world.

Now, the cost you will have to bear in Iceland depends on the type of accommodations, food, activities, and packages.

Now if you consider the cost of flights to Iceland, your estimated cost will be $300 to $565 for a round-trip ticket. As for the accommodations, travelers will have to bear an average of $16 to $135 for each day.

However, you can have some exclusive packages that are specially offered to honeymooners or you may also avail some of the bestselling family tour packages to Iceland. But not all packages include hotels, flights, transfers, and activities.

3. Can I plan my own trip to Iceland?

You can plan your own trip to Iceland. However, please keep in mind that it can be more complicated than planning a trip to other European countries.

You may check multiple travel packages that the hotels and resorts of Iceland offer their tourists. You have to be aware of the country’s rules and regulations and act according to those.

See the travel checklist below before planning a trip to Iceland.

  • Know the entrance and visa requirements.
    Do not forget to book your flights.
    Have basic knowledge of the region and the basic layout of the hotel.
    Plan your itinerary in Iceland.
    Finalize your budget for a trip to Iceland.
    Decide the bucket list and activities that you are going to in Iceland.
    Pack the necessary items.
    Do purchase travel insurance for the Iceland tour.

4. What is the best time to visit Iceland?

Iceland is known as the Land of Ice and Fire. Also, it is a region in the north where all seasons change drastically in this country.

Therefore, if you are planning your trip to Iceland, you should choose the best time to visit this island.

However, you can go any time to Iceland as this country will never stop mesmerizing you, no matter what the season is. But the winter season is terrible in Iceland.

June to August is the best time to visit Iceland. If you want to visit Reykjavik, you should go between the months of September to October. The best time to experience the northern lights is from October to November.

To experience the Golden Circle, you visit Iceland from September to October.

5. How many days in Iceland is enough?

Iceland can offer you so many exciting things to explore. From experiencing the midnight sun to northern lights, exploring volcanos to ice and glacier caves,

watching whales enjoying multiple lands and water sports, and spending time in Iceland can be a perfect vacation like no other.

So, you will need at least 8 to 12 days for enjoying a complete tour in Iceland.

6. Celebrate A New Beginning Of Your Life In Iceland

With all its natural offerings, Iceland gives you a complete life experience like no other. Surely, every experience will capitulate a new perspective on this heavenly island.

What couples need to do is to choose a honeymoon package that suits them the best and the time they want to visit this land. So, don’t wait and solemnize your honeymoon days in Iceland. Good Luck!

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